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10 Unusual Interview Questions and How to Tackle Them

How can you deal with a difficult query when caught off guard? Here are 10 examples of tricky interview questions and how to answer them.

There are various ways that you can prepare yourself for an interview. One can research the company thoroughly, carry out a test-run to get to the premises and consider the questions that you may be asked in order to prepare a good answer. But what happens when an interviewer throws an unusual question at you? No matter how much preparation you can do, you can never fully be trained on how the interview will occur. You have to be prepared to expect the unexpected.

How can you deal with a difficult query when caught off guard?

  1. Breathe: The last thing you want to do is get stressed or hot and bothered. The key is to take a deep breath and compose yourself. You will see things much clearer by relaxing.
  2. Repeat the question back: By repeating the question out loud, you can give yourself an extra few seconds to think of how to answer it. You can also really get to grips with what exactly the question is asking. If you are really unsure what it means, ask the interview to explain it. It is far better to ask for clarification than to go off on a tangent and issue irrelevant nonsense.
  3. Don't panic: Most interviewers ask a bizarre question to gauge your reaction. Whatever happens, stay calm, don't panic and try to be positive.

Here are 10 examples of tricky questions. How would you answer them?

  1. "If you could be any superhero, which one would you be?"- AT&T (Large US telecommunication provide)
  2. "How many smartphones are there in New York City?"- Google (search engine giant)
  3. "Using a scale of 1 to 10, rate yourself on how weird you are?"- Capital One (credit card company)
  4. "If you were an animal, what animal would you be?"
  5. "Just entertain me for five minutes; I'm not going to talk." – Acosta (sales and marketing firm)
  6. "How would you cure world hunger?"- Amazon (e-commerce company)
  7. "How many different ways can you get water from a lake at the foot of a mountain, up to the top of the mountain?"- Disney Parks & Resorts (entertainment conglomerate)
  8. "What is 37 times 37?"- Jane Street Capital (proprietary trading firm)
  9. "Who do you admire most and why?"
  10. "Either tell a joke, do an impression of a moose, or tell a story involving a pirate."This article was written by All The Top Bananas, one of the leading UK based job search websites. Search for your dream job today.

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